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Python, Spark, MLib, Pandas ,Jupyter
ReactJS, NodeJS, Redux, JavaScript, Docker etc...
Hyperledger Fabric,Hyperledger Composer, Docker, Nodejs etc...
Apache Spark, Scala, Python, HDFS,S3 etc...
Spark R,Tableau, S3, Zepplin etc...

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Our Services

Online Training

Get trained at the comfort of your home/Office.We have flexible batches for online training- before/after office hours or the weekend batches. Pick up your convenient batch and get trained from the Industry experts.

Classroom Training

We have setup a highly scalable infrastructure and get trained at our Labs.Handson training and the Mentors will guide you throughout the course.

Corporate Training

We do Corporate trainings for the new joiners as well the experienced employees for our exisiting and new corporate clients.

Student Internship

We offer student internships on their college project works.The student have to commit 3 months to learn and complete the project work with us.Students will be working on Big Data products or web applications using the modern frameworks

College Inhouse Training

We have tie-ups with leading colleges for offering Big Data and Machine Learning classes for the students where we train the students in their college itself.

Freshers Internship

For Fresher we are providing highly specialised training and they will be working on our Big data Products in the real production environment. Freshers will be Industry ready in 3 months – where are the trained to use the modern developer tools, version control, setting up environments and be able to start their work from Day 1 once they got placed. .

Upcoming Events

Ashok Nagar

View the recent trends in the Full Stack Developement - Demo in ReactJs. Explore the career path of being a Full Stack Developers - And see how a day of life will be for Full Stack Developers..

Ashok Nagar

Free workshop on how to become a Big Data Developer.In this workshop understand the big data landscape, tools and technologies of Big Data, how industries are applying Big Data and how to become a Big Data Developer

Ashok Nagar

Free workshop to showcase the recent developments and trends in the Full stack application development and wlak through of new tools and frameworks